The Right Words At The Right Time Can Change A Life.

We understand that for any kind of counselling to have an effect on you, it must deeply resonate with the core of your being. Keeping that in mind, we have built a bot that understands your personality type, your preferences, and your challenges and gives you the best solution in the moment-whether it’s connecting you to the right counsellor, recommending the type of therapy that could work well for you, or providing you with the most relevant content for guided self-discovery.

Our Story

Our founder, Srishti Srivastava, started Infiheal because she was tired of trying different treatment modalities for her anxiety, while only a few worked for her. She felt that if she had known a way to ascertain what kind of therapy would be easier for her to follow through with, it could have saved her a lot of time and also prevented all the heartbreak along the way.

Since she was a child, she has always been shy, awkward, and socially anxious. It took her quite a while to understand her trauma as well as to get to the root of her problem. Since she was functional and generally proficient in whatever she did, she never received a formal diagnosis, which made things difficult for her.

With Infiheal, she wanted to create a solution that worked for everyone and not just the people with clinical diagnosis, because she realized that almost everyone struggled with some kind of unhealthy patterns, or dysfunction in at least one area of life. Focussing on bettering mental health could help everyone reach their truest potential.

She was surprised to see that most products in the market focussed on a very symptom-driven approach, often ignoring the root cause and prescribing what seemed to her a “One-size-fits-all approach” that was geared toward dealing with conscious mind, cognition and thoughts, often ignoring the subconscious mind, emotions and the mind-body connection.

With Srishti, on a rational level, she would often know what would help her, yet she still struggled to implement those changes in her life. One day, while obsessively searching for answers on the internet, she came across a book on the subconscious mind and self-sabotage, which changed the way she looked at herself. Subsequently, she managed to heal her anxiety, overcome her fear of rejection, and put herself out there, which strengthened her belief in the power of words to change the course of someone’s life.

Since then, she has vowed to bring together the best in mental health and to create a product that provides the right support and guidance to people in their darkest times.

Srishti Srivastava


Since she graduated as a Chemical Engineer in 2014 from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, she’s donned a number of hats, but more than anything, she believes that she is a life-long learner.

Having had an interest in psychology since a young age, she has pursued a diploma in counselling as well as certifications in clinical hypnotherapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, meditation, bioenergetics, yoga, etc.

Much of her free time is spent trying to understand the dualistic nature of the world as well as exploring philosophical and existential questions. She likes to express her ideas through digital art, music, poetry, writing, films, etc. As the Founder and CEO of Infiheal, a mental health start-up and a holistic healer, she uses her creations as a way of drawing attention to mental health.

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Since 2021, Infiheal has grown into an enthusiastic team with a mission. We’re always looking for bright and talented people to join us on our mission.

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