Corporate wellness programs are constructed to improve employees’ physical and mental health, at its root they are employer-designed plans. The plans may have various events like fitness programs, wellness programs and health coaching. Why are these plans designed?

  • To help employees to lead a healthy lifestyle with proactive health driven choices.
  • Help improve company’s expenses by lowering the impact of medical premiums and absenteeism.

While each program’s aim is to achieve the above two goals, programs have a wide range of activities. For instance, weight loss competitions sometimes offer gift cards to people who get to their goal or people can take a part in a long term program- discounted/free gym membership or supported smoking cessation programs. Some programs help people to be more proactive about their health journeys- offering flu shots or periodic health screenings.

Why is this so important? A good corporate wellness program creates a holistic work environment and for the business, it lowers medical premiums. It helps create a healthy group of individuals who like to work and have less desire to seek a new job.

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Benefits Of Corporate Wellness

  1. Less Health Risks : Many jobs require employees to sit for long hours, this has an adverse effect on their health and wellness. The long period of inactivity may affect their lifestyle. These wellness programs – health campaigns, contests, biometric screenings – will keep a regular check on an employee’s health. It may help people avoid high risk diseases early, making the task force more agile.
  2. Reduces Stress and Depression : Introducing wellness programs like meditation , yoga and one to one sessions with a health coach helps an employee de-stress and creates a positive impact on employees suffering from depression due to work burnouts , unaccomplished deadlines or failed deals.
  3. Absenteeism Rates Reduce : Healthy employees become less prone to health issues because of these programs.It reduces absenteeism which improves the efficiency of the company and impacts the organization’s growth.
  4. Work Culture Change : Wellness programs create an intrapersonal support system where employees strive for improved health while supporting each other. A culture of healthy behavior increases as implementing physical activities not only encourages employees to engage in physical activities but inspires groups of individuals to perform these activities together.

Why is the Toxic Environment Created at the Workplace?

  • Unspecified Company’s Core Values : Companies must declare their core values, missions and visions to their employees but sometimes companies fail to declare their core values because they are not outlined or not taken seriously.
  • Missing Company Culture : Sometimes many employees feel like they just go to a place for their 9-5 and come back home. There is no communication culture, you don’t even know the last names of your coworkers. There is a lack of connection.
  • Lack of Feedback : Companies may not provide a regular feedback of performance to their employees, thismakes employees feel like they are repeating the same things without any improvement.

How to Create a Positive Environment in the Workplace?

Change your Commute : Sustainable commuting like cycling is right for you and the environment. Increasing an employee’s endurance and stamina and decreasing environmental pollution. Employees living closer to the office should opt commuting by cycle. Employers may help employees by organizing small cycling events or declaring a day as “Commute by a Cycle day”

Encourage people to collaborate and communicate : It’s the employers responsibility to make sure all team members feel included, as the leaders. You may not be able to be in the same room to create that environment, hence , clear and effective communication is important. Make sure you employ people who are pleasant to be with.

Using dedicated channels for new

Communication is Key : Boost morale of your employees ,implement proper feedback sessions and align your employees to share company goals and values. Engaged and healthy workplace has a prime factor and that is smooth communication.

These are some things that will help you keep efficient workers in your company for a longer time. Hence remember to make your business a pleasant place to be ,always be a respectful, honest and supportive manager, offer employee rewards , be transparent with your employees and recognize their achievements.