A significant pattern observed over cases of autoimmune diseases is that there is either a high-stress event preceding its onset, like the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, a breakup, divorce, miscarriage etc., or there is an unhealthy pattern of chronic stress or trauma experienced in early childhood like abuse, bullying, rejection etc., which has not been resolved.

The correlation between stress and autoimmune diseases has been recognised in several research papers, most notably a 2008 paper by J Stojanovich. Stress is often coupled with poor diet, poor quality of sleep, sedentary lifestyle, lack of self-care, and poor mental health, which further reduces the capacity of the body to cope with stress. Furthermore, abnormal autoimmune activity has been implicated in neuropsychiatric disorders like depression, short-term memory loss etc. These could reinforce lifestyle issues such as lack of exercise, poor sleep, and poor diet, which could worsen Autoimmune issues, creating a cycle that is hard to break.

As per several systems of holistic medicine, Autoimmune disorders are often induced in part or entirety by some form of stress and the subsequent adrenal insufficiency. Adrenal insufficiency worsens inflammation, which then triggers an unhealthy immune response wherein the body attacks its own cells. However, besides the more obvious and tangible forms of psychological stress, certain subconscious beliefs and thought and behavioural patterns such as self-abandonment, repressed anger, hypervigilance, holding grudges, self-sabotage etc., may play a role in the onset of autoimmune disorders. As per Ayurveda, gut health also has a significant role in the onset of Autoimmune Diseases.

As per conventional medicine, there is no cure for Autoimmune, even as the symptoms can be managed or minimised. However, most holistic healing systems are significantly more optimistic about healing Autoimmune diseases. Some systems, like Metaphysical Healing, Energy healing, even believe that one can heal themselves by healing their mind and improving their thoughts, which will then have a bearing on the physical body. A balanced course of action taking a view of holistic systems and conventional medicine may be beneficial in the case of Autoimmune Disease.