Vishuddha Chakra or Throat Chakra is the fifth chakra of the system. In Sanskrit ‘Visha’ means poison or impurity and ‘Suddhi’ means pure. Hence this chakra is associated with the purification of the mind and body. It is located at the throat region which is why it is also known as the ‘Throat Chakra’.

It is the starting point of divinity. From here onwards, material possessions become less important to one— the mind is expanded and becomes free from materialistic bondage.

Here, the mind does not move along the line of selfishness but is motivated by selfless desires. The chakra contains spiritual and noble tendencies of the mind. When your mind reaches Vishuddhi Chakra, the supernatural abilities awaken.

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Science Behind Vishuddhi Chakra

On the physical level, this chakra is connected with the thyroid and parathyroid glands. The balance of these glands is important— if there is too much secretion, one gets hyperthyroidism that causes insomnia, loss of weight, eating disorders, palpitations, breathing issues. If the secretion is too low, the opposite problem occurs- weight gain, constipation, heaviness. 

The thyroid is also important for the development of the brain and intellect– when this chakra is

activated, the mind becomes sharp. As opposed to muladhara chakra which is associated with a black elephant symbolizing strong but uncontrolled energy, vishuddhi chakra is represented by a white elephant which is a strong and non-disruptive form of energy.

How Does The Throat Chakra Affect You?

Vishuddhi Chakra is connected with sound and hearing. Those who have unblocked this chakra have a strong voice and expression – the voice is filled with compassion and is pleasing to the ears like “amrita” – nectar of immortality that is full of sweetness. Once the vishuddhi is activated, you develop a very charismatic character and can easily materialize an idea into action.

Since the Chakra is above the animal and human nature, the mind will be able to see above the realms of time and space, have the seed of omniscience, and obtain special knowledge that is spread through the timeline of the universe— occult powers develop when vishuddhi chakra is activated. 

The development of such powers requires great concentration of energy but comes even when you are not trying to get them. These powers come on the third stage of spiritual development, and the final stage of the spiritual path is obtained much faster.

Role Of Music In Spirituality

In Indian tradition, there are 7 notes– “Sa, Ri, Ga, Ma, Pa, Da, Ni”. These are taken from names of animals that produce such sounds— Sa from peacock, Ra from Rishabha, Ga from goat, Ma from horse, Pa from Cuckoo, Da from donkey, and Ni from elephant. 

Musical scales from these notes play an important role in spiritual science and are often used for psycho-spiritual elevation. There are sound notes in Vishuddhi Chakra– the emotional meaning can be difficult to find but by creating different melodies, one starts to flow with different feelings. 

Music can be uplifting or aggressive, sad, lustful, or restless. The 7 notes in the centre of Vishuddhi Chakra control the music and moods. There is also a sound of Phat– which was used in tantric science to complete an action or put theory into practice. 

The Holy Sounds– ‘hum’ And ‘aum’

Hum– The sound of Hum is important in Hinduism and Buddhism- it is considered the sound of sleeping divinity or Kundalini tattva. It is a special energy that sleeps in the Muladhara Chakra. The Buddhists chant- ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ which means that – ‘I remember the sleeping divinity in the Manipadma’. 

The lotus in Muladhara is called Manipadma. Hum is the sound of awakening energy. It is an external expression of the rising force that was sleeping in Muladhara but is going upwards. There is a greater expansion of mind and peace but when you feel overloaded with the spiritual energy, you would shout Hum.

Aum– The sound of Om is associated with Vishuddhi Chakra– the chakra that controls the ethereal factor– the subtlest physical element of the universe. That subtle vast space in itself is making a powerful vibration. This vibration is the cause from which every other vibration is created. 

The primal sound is a sound of creation- ‘Aa’is the sound of maintenance, ‘Uu’refers to the existence, and ‘Mm’ is the sound of dissolution. Together they create ‘Aum’- the holy sound of tantra that is sheltered within vishuddhi. Once the mind rises above this chakra, that sound becomes audible.

Vrittis or Expressions of Vishuddhi Chakra

There are noble Vrittis also associated with Vishuddhi Chakra. 

Vasat: The first vritti is ‘vasat’ or performing noble actions in the physical sphere. It is the expression of the mundane knowledge that you utilize for the betterment of all. It appeals to you that everyone should be happy. The desire for selfless service and motivation to live for universal welfare stems from Vishuddhi Chakra.

Vausat:This vritti represents welfare and happiness in the psychic sphere. You get free from dogma and desire education, growth, and wellbeing of all. 

Swaha: It is caring about universal welfare for animals and also means sacrifice. In Hinduism, we offer pure ghee on fire and chant ‘Swaha’ – this means you want to serve others even if you have to suffer. The more sacrifices or ‘tapah’ you do, the more spiritual you can become. Sacrificing is a drive in the spiritual path- it is about choosing what is right over what is pleasant. 

Namah: Namah is the feeling of self-surrender which means surrendering to the universe. ‘Let your will prevail, I surrender unto you – this is important in spirituality. If the mind is in harmony with the benevolent universe, there will be no mistakes as the mind moves towards evolution.

From manipura chakra where it is all about ‘me, mine, my and acquisitions’, the mind in vishuddhi chakra grasps the glory of the spiritual life. When you develop vishuddhi, you obtain charisma, charm or a magnetic personality. 

How To Activate Vishuddhi Chakra?

To develop Vishuddhi Chakra, Asanas that exercise the throat region are good:

Sarvangasana– Improves thyroid/parathyroid health. Good for brain development.

Matsya mudra– Enhances immunity and brings balance to life.

Bhujangasana or Cobra Posture– Strengthens major muscles and spines.

Halasana or Plow Posture– Stimulates thyroid glands and improves blood circulation.

Shivasana or Ardh Shivasana– Promotes higher consciousness and relieves stress.

Akasha Mudra –  Regulates Energy flow and detoxifies the body.

There is also a connection between chakras and the glands. For lymphatic glands, there is a prescription in yoga- in points where hair grows should be protected and kept cool. The hair protects the area and lymphatic glands are able to function properly. Once that system is disturbed, all chakras, especially Vishuddhi Chakra, get imbalanced– keeping hair is an important prescription in yoga. 

You can further tap into the energy of the vishuddhi chakra by singing spiritual songs, bhajans, kirtans, and mantras. When you sing freely, your spiritual beauty blossoms and you become free from complexes. 

Since Vishuddhi Chakra is at the elevated centre, you have to use the energy to do service and sacrifice. If you dedicate yourself to the welfare of the universe, you will always be engaged with the motivations of the vishuddhi. Furthermore, meditation is very good for developing the throat chakra and all other chakras as well.